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Bring Your Children to Your Home Office Day

Some of the greatest memories can come from bringing your child to work, but it can present some challenges even during the greatest times. Parents can feel pressured to plan out the day to make sure they have an enjoyable time regardless of their interests. This year will definitely throw a twist into how to handle this national day.
Most of us are working from home now and ideally we would like to still celebrate the day by bringing our children to work. If you are still going into the work office, it would be best to not bring your child. Although, if you are working from home you most likely just have to bring them into your home office. Not all of us have dedicated home offices though which will make this tough, especially if you are trying to keep them focused.
Here are a few ideas when bringing your child to work this year:
  1. Have a conference call with your coworkers.
    Depending on the age of your children this could be extremely helpful. This can open up the door for understanding what different opportunities there are. This can also be done with friends. Having a brief video conference for your child to learn about what others do will help them plan and set goals for themselves.
  1. Have your lunch break together.
    There is nothing better than one-on-one time. Especially around all this chaos. Take time and have a nice picnic or a gourmet home cooked lunch together.
  1. Go on either a nice walk or bike ride together.
    To finish off the work day, go for a nice walk or bike ride together if currently allowed in your area. Socially distancing yourself from others can generally be easy while bike riding. Getting outside and being active for 30 minutes to an hour along with your child will feel amazing, we promise!
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