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Why Warm Toast, Eggs, & Hot Coffee Are the Answer!

The most skipped meal of the day, by far, is breakfast. Almost 50% of Americans skip breakfast everyday. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day due to its energy replenishing abilities. As a property manager, you can help your occupants replenish their energy levels and start of the day right by having either a breakfast truck or a coffee truck scheduled throughout the week.

Everyone struggles to eat a healthy breakfast throughout the week. We promise ourselves that we will start eating a healthy breakfast because we understand the benefits it’ll bring to us. The problem is time. We don’t have the time to cook the eggs, fry the bacon, and squeeze the orange juice. Heck, we don’t even take the time to make toast! We’ve resorted to instant coffee and fast food and we know we deserve better!

Now that food and service trucks are popping up more and more places, we’re beginning to see more breakfast trucks, coffee trucks, and even tea trucks. A few trucks local to us here at MOBLZ include, Mighty Mike’s, Detour Coffee, Ecology Coffee, and The Morning After. They all will be able to serve up some of the greatest breakfast eggs, waffles, toast, and coffee that you could imagine. It’s better than the fast food or instant coffee you try to swallow each morning. Just pause for a few seconds and dream about not having to skip breakfast ever again. Now, also remember how much your tenants will love you for scheduling breakfast trucks for them.

We are here to help. If you would like to have a breakfast/coffee truck let us know!