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What are Your Tenants Waiting For?

Sharing Our Tenant Survey Results

At MOBLZ, we talk to a lot of property managers, but also to a lot of tenants on a regular basis – through our website, our social media accounts, and in-person at events on the corporate campuses we serve.

One of the things we’re hearing from properties all across the country is that tenants are still not returning to work in mass; campuses are still repopulating. In fact, some are sadly still ghost towns. We are seeing folks back to full steam in certain industries like biomed and research facilities, but if your campuses aren’t focused on servicing these, you may still be struggling to understand what it will take to repopulate.

Using our access to a wide network of tenant employers and their individual employees, we recently surveyed 1,300 people to see what would entice workers into coming back into the office. This is what we found:

  • Almost 50% of people are working in the office, while the other 50% are remote or hybrid.
  • The most compelling reason to return to the office is social connection.
  • The top 3 amenities employees would like to see in the office are: healthy snacks, gyms, and food trucks.
  • 80% of people say having their cars serviced at work would make their lives easier.
  • The on-site car care services most interesting to employees are mobile oil changes, wash & detail, and tire changes. Through our relationship with, tenants receive a discount on their services.

MOBLZ can help your properties address all these must-have incentives through our connections with food trucks, mobile service providers, and event planning. Talk with Becky to learn more about how the MOBLZ vendor certification, reservation, and communication system can help you offer tenants more.

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