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Welcome to Your New Budget Year

Welcome to Your New Budget Year
Welcome to 2020! What are some changes you can make to your property to attract new tenants? For many buildings it can be as simple as inviting mobile service trucks onto your property so your building occupants can utilize all of the services that save people time and money. We all know that our tenants and occupants now have New Years Resolutions that take time to achieve. With the availability to give people time back you can become a premier location for companies looking to rent office space.
One of the biggest challenges property owners/managers have today is being able to let potential tenants know what amenities are available when considering where to locate. Luckily, today we are surrounded with different marketing tools to help draw attention to YOUR properties. In our mind you don’t have to allocate more of your budget to begin increasing your marketing reach. When it comes to social media, as a property manager you need to have at least a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. These social media accounts can be your gateway to the surrounding community and letting prospective tenants know what you can offer them. This is especially true if you have food or service trucks because people will follow food trucks and could flock to your office park.
Social media can be a full time job by itself. That doesn’t mean that you cannot create an account on your own and start posting though. One of the hardest parts about starting a social media page is building a following. Although, if you have tenants and occupants already at your property, you could get a head start by having them follow and tag you. If done correctly, you can also utilize social media to inform tenants of schedule updates to the property if there are closures, alerts, or upgrades.
Social media continues to grow in daily usage and continues to adapt and grow. If your property does not have social accounts, go create them right now! It doesn’t take any money! It’s free marketing for you! Once you have developed and grown your online presence, you can then reevaluate to see if you need to allocate some of your budget towards a social media marketing specialist. Once you create your social media accounts, go ahead and find us so we can keep up with your growth as a park.
In 2020, you will see us release features faster and bring innovations that will help our customers differentiate themselves through enhanced tenant experiences. All of this will be supported by our data reporting. Property manager’s need new tools that provide in-depth insights and robust controls, all while being easy to use with a proven increase leasing and retention.
We look forward to continuing to deliver an amazing enhancement in 2020 and welcome your feedback along the way. Have fun and again Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for an incredible 2019!
Team Moblz
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