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We're Featuring Food Trucks

MOBLZ works with many different kinds of food trucks all throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. This week, we’re diving into what makes up some of these food trucks work, introducing our Featured Food Trucks highlight for our Food Truck Directory in our blog.

So, what is the secret to becoming a renowned food truck in the Triangle area, or anywhere? One thing that these two trucks have in common: they have great food and great stories.

BombA$$ Sandwich Co is a family-owned, father-son, food truck you can find in the Triangle. Even though they’ve been around for less than two years, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves as one of the Triangle best, most well-known food trucks. As their name suggests, they have great sandwiches for all of your lunch and dinner needs.


Chirba Chirba is a dumpling truck that has been a main stay in the Triangle for almost a decade. After being in the food truck game this long, Chirba Chirba has made a name for being consistent, and reliable. Not only does their reputation make them more appealing to customers, they offer delicious dumplings, sides, and noodles, while also making sure that each dish is packed with flavor, and personalized spice. How do they pack all that flavor into their dishes? According to their website, it’s a combination of family secrets and research, so we might ever know what makes these dumplings so good.


It’s safe to say that both of these featured food trucks have made a name for themselves in a few different ways, so we love being able to feature them on MOBLZ!