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Ways to Improve Tenant Communication

When weather events cause event changes, your tenants need to know. Whether it be because of storms, major hurricanes, ice or snow, property manager need easy and effective ways to communicate event changes with tenants. We know that changes, especially cancellations, are disappointing, but you can manage expectations and outcomes through effective communication with tenants. Posting info to your tenant portal (if you have one) simply isn’t enough. You need to reach more than just your tenant contacts when plans change...communicating directly with your tenants’ employees is key to tenant satisfaction, and this often takes more than simply removing an event from your calendar.

We’ve found that the best way to spread news is to communicate with tenants where they look for information. In today’s world, nearly everyone is on social media and has smart phones. If you’re not communicating with tenants on these platforms, you’re missing the proverbial boat. Improve your tenant communication by using these necessary technologies.

Social Media is no longer optional.

For many properties, social media is an ugly term. Several fears arise when it comes to social. How can one person be expected to know all the different technologies? How can already overwhelmed staff make time to manage multiple social media platforms? Who should decide what is the “right” social platform? How can you control your property’s image when people can air grievances for the world to see? And so on...

For these reasons, many office parks simply say no to social. But chances are high that your tenants aren’t saying no to social. If they’re online with IG or LinkedIn and you’re not, you’re missing an opportunity to communicate with your tenants. MOBLZ knows social and manages several properties’ social media channels in addition to our own. If you’re keeping out of the social media game because you don’t know about all that or your staff doesn’t have time, we can help you manage social media as a communication strategy.

You need SMS, too.

When we originally built the MOBLZ Alertz technology, many property managers felt they didn’t need an alert solution because they could send emails to tenant contacts through work order systems. We saw a need to take Alertz beyond the main tenant contact that would report a broken toilet to get directly into the hands of the tenants’ employees for better communication. We also took Alertz one step further by adding the ability to send SMS messages to tenants’ phones. MOBLZ makes it easy to gather employee email addresses and cell phone numbers, manage your distribution lists (either property-wide or building specific), and email and/or SMS message to reach folks when they have a smart phone on their side.

MOBLZ can make it easy.

If you're feeling unsure about the landscape of social media or are looking for ways to provide better communication for your tenants, schedule a free consult to see how MOBLZ can help your team do more via our technology and services.