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Up Your Social Media Stories


We love giving you tips on how you can bring more excitement and tenants to your properties. In the past we’ve released articles on different types of events, food trucks, service trucks, and amenities that you can utilize to make your property stand out!

This week we want to discuss the social media side of your property. A few weeks ago, in our "New Budget Year" email, we mentioned the use of social media as free marketing to the surrounding community. With the use of stories, in at least Instagram and Facebook, you can keep followers and potential tenants in the know.
If you have food truck events, service trucks, or amenities that will draw attention to your property post about them! Try utilizing your story more on social media. Stories are great to keep your followers engaged in what you’re doing. They are short little snap shots and can be used as small updates for your property. Some examples could be, posting a screenshot of your food truck schedule for the day. You could also post a picture of an event flyer for an upcoming property event, like a Valentine’s Event. Another idea is to post a short clip of one of your amenities on the property. In the warmer months it could be a shot from a fountain or a walk on the property. If you have a fitness center, you can take a picture in the center and play off of New Year's resolutions.

The big thing when posting to your story is to remember that you are letting your followers and others see a tidbit of life and work on your property and what it has to offer. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with it. Ultimately, if you don’t have some fun with it you won’t want to create those posts.
Lastly, don’t forget to use hashtags and location tags in your stories. This way you can have a greater reach to potential tenants. If people see how great your property is and what you can offer in terms of amenities, then they will be sure to talk about it.