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Trick or Treat: 5 Ideas for Decorating Your Office

Trick or Treat: 5 Ideas for Decorating Your Office
The spectrum is narrow when it comes to decorating for Halloween. You either decorate or you don’t. There is no in-between! If you are a Halloween decorating expert then we may have some new ideas for you, but we are gearing this list towards people looking to decorate for the first time. Regardless, read on to find some scary good ideas for your office.
Bugs, Bugs, Everywhere!
Go to your local craft store or Amazon and find fake bugs. Take sticky-tack and place them along a wall, desk, or floor!
  Bats! A ha ha!
With some black construction paper and a crafty mindset, you can create bat cutouts to hang with fishing line from the ceiling or simply tape on the wall.
The Bleeding Candle
With some cheap white and red candles from the dollar store and few nails, you can create an eye-catching bleeding candle. Start the red candle burning and then drip the wax on the white candle. Stick nails into the white candle to make it look like it’s bleeding.
  LED Spider Web Jars
Using mason jars, fake spiders, LED flameless candle lights, and polyester fluff, you can create wicked-scary spider web jars! Put the LED candle in first, cover it with fluff, and finish it off with a fake spider! *Make sure you use LED so the fluff doesn’t catch fire!
DIY Fog Machine
This last one takes a little bit more work, but is well worth the effort!
  1. Take an empty plastic gatorade bottle with a wide opening (pictured above) and make vent slips along the top third of the bottle, using a utility knife. Then, take a small water bottle (pictured above) and poke a small drip hole in the cap. You can use a thumb tack.
  2. Fill the small bottle about halfway with hot water. Fill the big gatorade bottle half full with dry ice. (Careful - dry ice can burn your skin!) Lastly, put the cap on the small bottle and flip it over into the big bottle and squeeze a little hot water into the dry ice. Now you have a dry ice fog machine that will last!
  3. It’s important to make sure your vent slips are big enough to allow air to flow out. *If not done correctly the bottle will pop!
Overall, just have fun this Halloween and try to help everyone be in high spirits in and around the office!
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