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The Social Media Starter Kit

Are you ready to produce amazing content?

Our Social Media Starter Kit will take your content and online presence to the next level. Whether you're looking to improve your photos and videos or need help with sound and lighting, our Social Media Starter Kit has everything you need to create professional and engagning content online. We'll have you ready to blog, vlog and create in no time.*

SanDisk PRO SSD (2TB)

Even small videos take up a lot of room, so invest in an external drive to store your images and videos instead of slowing down your hard drive.

PRICE: $128.95

Recommended Accessory
Hard Case | $11.99 | Amazon

LaCie Rugged Mini (4TB) | $149.00 | Amazon

Elgato Ring Light

Shooting videos with your smartphone can appear dark and darker, but the Elgato Ring Light helps brighten up your smiling face. 

PRICE: $158.49

logitech LITRA GLOW | $49.99 | Amazon

Pivo Pod Lite

Never lose your best dance because you were off camera again. The Pivo Pod Lite uses AI motion tracking, 360° panning, and a fun editing mode to capture creative videos and photos easily. 

PRICE: $55.99

Fujifilm X-S10 Mirrorless Camera 

Mirrorless cameras are more stable, so your photos are less shaky. Reviews of Fuji's X-S10 note the camera's excellent grip, beautiful high-quality photos (Fuji's "hues"), and solid build. 

PRICE: $999

BUDGET FRIENDLY: Use your smartphone! It's a great option until you feel the need (and have the budget) for an extra camera.

SanDisk PRO SDXC (1TB)

Shooting video requires a fast SD card. You want speed on either end of the video creation equation - recording or downloading - and the Sandisk Pro SDXC card has speed to spare.

PRICE: $193.30

Recommended Accessory
Memory Card Holder $7.78 Amazon

SanDisk Extreme Pro (32GB) | $14.46 | Amazon

SD & TF Card Reader

Video creation needs a docking station because there are always more cables and cards you need to read and use than your smartphone or computer can handle, so we recommend the SD & TF Card Reader. 

PRICE: $20.99

Retractable Phone Stand

Reviews point out this stand doesn't work well for larger phones, but reviews praise the remote, extra lighting and relative ease of use. 

PRICE: $39.99

Extendable Tripod Stand w/ Remote | $21.99 | Amazon

Yeti X Pro Microphone

Looking great and sounding terrible doesn't create confidence, so we recommend the Yeti X Pro microphone, so you have that radio voice people trust. 

PRICE: $169.99

HyperX SoloCast Microphone | $39.97 | Amazon

Green Screen Backdrop w/ Stand

Green screens help your videos look amazing because you can drop in whatever background helps the most. Of course, you can spend hundreds on a green screen, but reviewers liked how easy this screen was to set up and the quality of the fabric, and one reviewer loved the helpful brochure. 

PRICE: $40.47

Collapsible Backdrop | $21.49 | Amazon

Follow MOBLZ for tips and other social media resources we're using, and let us know when you start your blogger journey! Once you have our tools, check out our friend Joy Eats (IG: @JoyEatsWorld22, TikTok: @JoyEatsWorld), a successful food blogger, who wrote a how to article called "So You Want to be a Food Blogger? Here are some Tips to Get Started" that gives info from a blogger perspective.

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