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The Great Rehire

In many markets, we are seeing growth in hiring exploding. This trend is very apparent to us as MOBLZ is based in central NC. There are huge companies (Google, Apple, Epic Games, SAS, and many others) with offices local to ours that are hiring aggressively. A fellow tech company recently referred to the current situation as 'War for Talent'.

In our tech-heavy area, that is not necessarily a new situation, but the battle plan is very different now. During the pandemic, online-based companies had a competitive edge over their brick-and-mortar rivals. Business categories, such as health care, that relied mainly on face-to-face interactions suffered some. However, the use of tech such as Zoom and Telemedicine offered a lifeline to those businesses. We see this in many industries. As everyone gravitated toward conducting business and shopping on the internet, we think the new model is now going to be hybrid. In other words, we believe that many businesses will have face-to-face and remote options. That applies to customers and employees.

The pre-covid status-quo is no more. Things are not returning to exactly how they were before. Hybrid and flexible is now the new LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification). LEED is not dead, but we think employees are going to look for culture vs LEED as the hiring wars continue. An excellent work culture will help employers standout.

In the healthcare field you often hear the term "Patient Experience". In retail, you hear "Shopping Experience" and online the term is "Digital Experience". Here's a new term to add to your business vocabulary: "Workplace Culture Experience".

MOBLZ and our new acquisition, Go Amenity, help create a great Workplace Culture Experience by offering things such as Food Truck events. Events are great, but culture goes much deeper. Great company cultures support employee involvement and provide positive, fun ways for their employees to get together for personal and professional development activities, within and outside of normal company hours.

Why do this? Below are a few excellent reasons:
1.    Attracts top talent that WANTS to work with you.
2.    Turn your existing employees into long-term career employees.
3.    Creates a comfortable workplace.
4.    Improves employee engagement.

Want to know if you have good culture and workforce involvement at your property or company? Run a trial event. For example, if your company is sponsoring a blood drive, charity event, or fundraiser on a Saturday morning and most everyone in the organization shows up -- willingly -- you know that the employees feel invested and excited to be there.