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Tenant Perks Impact the Amenities Race

Things have changed in the job market…Ok, that may be an understatement. We all know that the post-COVID lockdown world has left a lot of changes. Employees have different expectations, which means tenants are looking for ways that their property can offer new amenities. A decent salary or even employee benefits just aren’t enough to attract or retain top talent anymore. As more businesses offer perks, workers now view them as a significant consideration when applying for jobs. Some recent surveys show that 75% of employees say that benefits and perks would directly increase their job satisfaction. Property managers can offer perk programs for tenant employees, which can give you one leg up in the Amenities Race over another corporate campus or ownership group.

Perk Programs for Tenants

Perks are often confused with benefits, but the difference is that benefits are required by law while perks are not. Benefits include things like medical insurance or 401k’s, while perks include spending accounts, freebies, education, and fitness programs.

The goal with office perks is to give workers a better quality of work-life by improving wellness, office culture, and decreasing stress. In turn, they help to build loyalty and boost work satisfaction, which stops employees from leaving. This gets much more complex when the employees are not in the office, of course.

Perks aren’t only for employees. They’re just as valuable for the employer. Done right, they make for a good productive force so this can be a great amenity that YOU offer for them to share with their employees. By incorporating Perks into your office parks’ amenities line up, you'll be giving tenants one more leasing or retention incentive.

Some examples of Office Perks YOU can offer include:

  • Career development courses that you host for employees from all your tenants
  • Networking events to bring your tenants together to socialize and learn
  • Making flexible work hours easy with proper lighting and security which might traditionally be considered irregular times
  • Free meals and/or snacks via stocked amenity center lounges or free food truck events
  • Fitness memberships if you have an on-site fitness facility, or bringing fitness boot camps to campus
  • Excursions like evening or weekend meet-ups at a local pub, museum or family movie night
  • Recognition and reward systems for your tenant contacts when they take the actions you request
  • On-site child-care opportunities so parents are not rushing to day care
  • Company discounts through vendor relationships you cultivate

How MOBLZ helps with Perks

In addition to our list of suggestions, we already have relationships with Perk-driven companies like a national auto care vendor who provides a special MOBLZ discount for their services, fitness boot camp organizers, mobile 3D mammography and health-related opportunities for on-site healthcare, blood drives and other philanthropic activities.

We’re also currently researching how we can work more PERK programs into bag of tricks for MOBLZ-enabled properties. A few ownership groups and a HUGE global corporation have reached out to us for help in this arena, looking for ways to help attract new and retain existing employees.

MOBLZ is looking at ways to help Connect, Motivate, and Empower employees so you can bring the best amenities to office parks. If you have any ideas or comments on what your property could use, please let us know.