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Tenant Perk: Food Truck Catering Services

You Need Food Truck Catering in Your Bag of Tricks

Ever wonder where your favorite food trucks go when it's too cold to eat even hot food outside? Many of your favorite food trucks cater, too. Shmack’N Plates Bistro, for example, catered a party for more than four hundred with a custom menu. Chef Rob and Chef Double C (Corey) create all-you-can-eat buffets for private events like birthday celebrations and holiday parties. Rob and Double C love new challenges, and their fans know and love Shmack’N Plates’ versatile truck or party menu.

Some trucks have a catering menu, while other chefs customize it to match the event, customers, and tastes. Cornerboys BBQ says, “We feed the people,” and love achieving their mission serving individuals from the truck or by catering parties with more than 900 hungry people. Chef James Sampson’s goal is to be innovative with his BBQ. He explains that Corner Boys is a movement that puts love and soul into everything they cook, and you can eat either at the truck or at a party, or can take your favorite dish home for later.

MOBLZ Makes Booking a Truck Easy

But what does this have to do with office parks and corporate events? Finding food trucks who cater can be a challenge since not all have a website with good information, and many don't specifically mention their catering services even if they do have a website. When you property needs to cater a tenant appreciation event, using food trucks can be a lot easier than hiring a catering company. Have you met the MOBLZ Food Truck Directory? From the Directory, you can easily use our resources to find trucks in your area who serve the different types of cuisine you're interested in, and get a direct connection to book the trucks your tenants will love.

Don't limit your food truck catering thinking to only tenant events. Whether you're entertaining your property's owners and directors, hosting a community event or philanthropic blood drive, or celebrating your team, food trucks can cover you. And extending that offer to your tenants who will be hosting events of their own will make you a hero in their eyes, as well. Properties who work with MOBLZ have access to our event scheduling tools along with all of your tenants.

Use the Moblz Food Truck Directory

Shmack’N Plates and Corner Boys are only two examples of the hundreds of great food trucks you can discover, review, and support on the free Moblz Food Truck Directory. And the secret is, we don't even require your property to have a MOBLZ agreement in order to use our tools to find the perfect food truck for your catered event. Want to know if The Dapper Bean, Safari Eatz, the Bomb A$$ Sandwich Company, or Food Truck XYZ can cater for you? Start with the Moblz directory to find food trucks in your local area, and use our BOOK THIS TRUCK button from any food truck's profile page.