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Setting Up A Mobile Health Day

If you missed last week's email where we discussed bringing mobile fitness trucks to your property, you can view it here. Building on our article last week, we want to bring up the idea of a Mobile Health Day. Being able to have a day like this on your office park calendar shows that you have a diverse package of amenities that your tenants will love. The younger work demographic cares about their health with the ever growing health kick from our past decade. It’s time to start using that to our advantage.

Planning a Mobile Health Day for your office park can be just as simple as bringing food trucks to your location. First, make sure that you have the right food trucks for the event. Try to avoid deep fried and overly greasy food. If you’re in the North Carolina RDU area, healthy trucks like Buoy Bowls, Saigon Lily, and Medley are great. In the event you aren't in North Carolina, searching the web for healthy options is a breeze. Next, source a variety of health-related vendors that will represent your event well on social media. Ultimately, you want them to bring people to your event also. If they utilize social media they can attract a large crowd.

Here are a few suggestions for vendors that will add both variety and specialized interests to help ensure a successful event: 
•    Mobile Gym on Wheels
•    Mental Health Professional
•    Masseuse
•    Mobile Chiropractor
•    Aromatherapy Specialist
•    Yoga Instructor (this is always a big hit!)
•    Blood Donation Center (our favorite is the Big Red Bus)
•    Mobile Mamography
•    American Heart Association (partner with them to offer complimentary screenings) 

With health education in mind, more people will be eager to come out. All health professionals have different forms of education whether it be fun games or different group lead sessions, but don’t forget about the giveaways. Depending on when you schedule the event you could also plan on the yoga instructor leading a short free yoga session where anyone from the event could partake in. Reminder: MOBLZ will be at BOMA Nashville Wed. March 11 & BOMA Orlando Wed. March 18th.