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Planning Property Events in Advance

Creating community on your campus takes time, so plan events well in advance and communicate with tenants.

Planning and communication are key to hosting any successful event. Just as you must schedule dates in advance for your personal life, property managers also need to be scheduling corporate events well in advance. You might think it too early to be planning for Q4, but we’re already seeing mobile service providers booked in October thru December.

If you haven’t already started event planning, the MOBLZ platform and our network of mobile service providers may be able to help. Don’t overlook scheduling community-building events in the 2022 Amenities Race!

Host some or all of these seasonal events, giving tenants an easy but meaningful amenity activity every month of the year. Most can be planned with little effort and expense, but you can expand as budget and time allows. Publish your calendar well in advance, and send regular reminders to your tenants through email, SMS, hub portals, digital signage, and social media.

Host a January Blood Drive

The month of January is usually a period of critical blood shortages. People stop donating blood during the holidays and when they get sick during cold and flu season. Bring a blood bus to your office park to encourage giving. Corporate sponsors can provide freebie incentives that your tenants will love.

Spread the Love in February

Valentine’s is a great time to show tenants you’re giving them opportunities to give back. Team up with a local charity to collect items they need or raise money.

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish on St Patty’s Day

Everyone loves parties, and few are like Saint Patrick’s Day. Schedule an Irish food truck, team up with a brewery, and your tenants will create their own good time. Pick up some dollar store St Patty’s pins or green beads as giveaways.

Draw Families with an Easter Egg Hunt

Hide plastic Easter eggs throughout your property and invite tenants to bring their families for an Easter egg hunt the week before Easter. Expand that family day theme with an ice cream truck or fun kids’ activities like coloring contests.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

No matter where you are in the country, it should be easy to find a Latino food truck. Schedule a taco truck on May 5th, broadcast music, and give out free virgin margaritas for an instant gathering.

Educate with Juneteenth Trivia

Raise awareness of this new federal holiday by hosting a trivia game that brings folks together. You’ll find trivia questions and answers online to encourage celebrating emancipation and empowering the future.

Plan a July 4th BBQ

While most tenants will be closed on the 4th, you can bring out the grill early to cook hamburgers or hot dogs for a low-cost appreciation lunch or schedule a hot dog cart to serve. Hang some Americana d├ęcor and play music to create a patriotic vibe.

Support Teachers with an August Back-to-School Supply Drive

Team up with your local school system or classroom teachers to collect school supplies for their students. Give an apple to anyone who donates for a healthy snack break.

Kick-off Fall Weather with Outdoor Activities

Schedule a Fall hike on your walking trails or a fitness boot camp by teaming up with a local gym or fitness instructor so tenants can enjoy the outdoors. If your property has courts, host a basketball, golf putting, or tennis tournament.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Schedule a mobile mammography unit to come perform this 15-minute life-saving test. Plan a mini event with breast cancer awareness messaging and activities for your tenants.

Create Fall Festival Fun in November

Invite handcrafted vendors to sell their wares at a mini–Fall Festival on campus. Bring out a coffee cart or create your own hot chocolate bar to keep costs low or create a larger event with carnival-like festival activities if budget allows.

Support a Toy Drive in December

Toys for Tots holds toy drives almost everywhere, so register your property as a toy drive drop-point and promote philanthropic giving to your tenants. Local social services organizations and shelters also often are looking for help collecting toys for their clients, so your area may have other options.