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Mobile Vendor Horror Stories

Happy Halloween Week! The spooky season is upon us.

Go ahead and admit it; you had to go buy another bag of candy because you've already eaten one of the big bags you bought to give to all the little kids! Also, anyone else willing to admit that they actually LIKE candy corn? Anyone? OK, enough talk about candy. Who's ready for some scary stories?

While working with Mobile Vendors, we have seen and heard some real horror stories over the years. Some we can share, some not. Some of the property managers we've spoken with say they would have enough crazy stories to write a book with 40 or more chapters. Do you have one to share? Please give us your craziest horror story from your property. Email us at If it's a really cool story, we'll share it on our social media channels, changing the names to protect the innocent.

The Big Oil Slick
A truck who was a substitute and not authorized to be on a property showed up to serve lunch. Unfortunately, they had a big leak in their fryer system, leaving a big mess in a parking lot. This is why you only allow authorized vendors onsite!

Something Fishy About This Tenant
A vengeful tenant created a very stinky situation for his property. In response to his eviction notice for failure to pay, he decided to rip out sections of drywall and insert dead fish into the walls. He patched up the walls and left the fish to rot and stink! For months, no one could figure out where the smell was coming from. The unit was deep-cleaned multiple times, at considerable expense. Eventually, they realized the stink was coming from the walls! Can you imagine being the contractor who had to make those repairs? Blech!

Spanglish Food Truck Fire
While MOBLZ was about to launch our beta site several years ago, the Spanglish food truck went up in flames at our BETA property location. We are glad the COI was up-to-date, and they had good coverage. What a terrifying scene!


How to Light up a Party (from Bart H.)
"We had a client who held a tenant appreciation event at his park. In theory, this is a wonderful thing! They lined the area with tiki torches for light and effect. It was all good until one of the torches fell over and caught the fence on fire. A few hundred feet of fencing burned very quickly. The replacement cost was over $5,000! On a positive note, everyone remembers the cookout and each year asks if there will be another bonfire."

Building Ghosts (from John in Dayton, OH)
"We had a tenant whose office manager swore the building was haunted and had a ghost. This story sounds kind of funny until you learn that the office manager did over $15,000 in damages making sure those noises in the wall were investigated."

Everyone has seen some crazy stuff in the workplace. We'd love to hear some of your stories! Share your scary office story with us by emailing