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Mobile Service Sector Continues Growth

If you have been reading our past emails then we are sure you know about mobile amenities like car washes, fuel delivery, and food. But as time has passed we have witnessed some amazing new mobile services that you can possibly get to your property!
As the mobile entrepreneurial mindset becomes more and more prominent, we continue to be blown away by the possibilities. And as we make these services available, our tenants demand more and more amenities at their disposal. Besides the normal (and sometimes EXPECTED!) mobile services, these are a few we have heard of or seen in the past few weeks.
  • Mobile Wheel Repair/Conditioning – It’s essential to have structurally sound wheels on your vehicle. Bringing a company like WheelsOnsite on your property will help all your occupants because no one has perfect wheels. WheelsOnsite is a professional alloy wheel conditioner. Their technicians can repair cosmetic damages like scrapes, curb rash, and small gouges to make your wheel look like new wherever you are.
  • Chiropractic/Therapeutic – A chiropractor or masseuse that will come to you? Need we say more? The CrackShack is based in the Raleigh-Durham area and we wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing more trucks like this in other large cities. We’ll also add that the pricing is ridiculously affordable starting at $20 per session.
  • Pet grooming – Taking your pet for grooming is time consuming and now that many workplaces are pet friendly, this takes one more thing off your plate. Companies like Woof and Wheels will come to you and give your fur-baby the treatment of a lifetime!
  • Laundry – Finally! No more folding and wasting your time trying to match up the right socks. Companies like 2ULaundry are beginning to make a name for themselves. Imagine driving into work with some laundry that needs to be done and then when you leave work those clothes are magically clean and folded! Bliss!
  • Golf Club Repair – For some areas of the country, there is a golf course every five miles. If this describes the buildings in your locale, mobile golf club repair is essential. Golfers can easily spend a ton of time dropping and picking up their clubs to have them repaired, adjusted, or re-gripped. But, with a service like Swing Right, all those clubs can be adjusted right where you work.
  • Mobile bike Repair – We’ve all heard about the mobile services for cars. With an increasing number of people traveling to work on bikes,being able to have a service like Torrenti Cycles come to your property will excite all the bicyclists! Their bike can be tuned or repaired while they work.
  • Mobile Florist – Flowers can be temperamental and if you’re like us, you never know the best flowers to express yourself. With the holidays coming up and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, flowers are in high demand. Having a florist truck available for your property will give tenants some beautiful gift options or some decorations for their home.
  • Mobile Yoga/Fitness – Fitness has made its comeback. If you don’t already have an on-site fitness center, offering a mobile fitness or yoga truck that offers guided classes can make exercise exciting for your tenants. Even if you have an on-site gym or fitness center, some people simply aren’t drawn to what they consider to be boring gyms. Offering a fitness amenity benefits you because your tenants will be healthier and will not have to take as many sick days.
  • Mobile Salon Boutique/Barber – This is not as big as some of the other amenities we’ve discussed above yet, but we have been seeing trucks that offer these services in bigger cities. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone is working on a truck like this for your area. If your dogs and cats can receive a mobile spa, why can’t your tenants?
  • Fashion Trucks/Tailors – There is a group of fashion trucks in Charlotte, NC called the Fashion Trucks of Charlotte and they are amazing! You never know when your fashion cravings might need to be fulfilled or when you have a wardrobe malfunction. Being able to rely on mobile fashion specialists is a dream, especially when they come to the rescue for a broken zipper or split pants!
  • Mobile Dentist – Have you ever seen a mobile dentist? Well they are here and they are here to stay! In North Carolina there is The Smile Mobile. It’s truly a delight to see and it’s huge. They can do everything from cleaning to extractions.
We are sure that we missed some new types of mobile service trucks but, as you can see, the possibilities are growing and you can bring almost anything to your amenity package. We will continue to say it. The desire for new amenities is only going to grow and new service trucks will pop up in different areas. If you want to bring trucks like this to your property all you need to do is ask. We are more than willing to help you give time back to your occupants.
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