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Mobile Pet Services

There is so much more to the mobile economy than just food trucks. Many services are provided by mobile businesses that can help people save time and help them take care of routine issues. Pet services immediately come to mind since so many of us have animals, and we at MOBLZ love our fur babies! Did you know that there are mobile services that can help take care of pets on the go? Properties that help facilitate their tenants’ mobile pet needs can help bring peace of mind to loving pet owners at work.

Here’s a sneak peek into the breadth of this industry:

Dog Walking
Let’s face it. Dogs are different from cats in that they can’t really use an indoor solution like the litter box. And most working adults are not always able to be home to take pets on their much needed outdoor excursions. Companies like will come to your pet’s aid. Via their website, you can book appointments online to have your dog walked around the neighborhood. One less thing employees have to worry about when they’re working at the office!

If you’ve ever had to take a skittish dog or cat to the vet, you know that it can be a chore. They may refuse to get into the car or even run and hide if they sense what may be about to happen. How about having the vet come to your pet? That’s exactly what the doctors at Local Mobile Veterinary Service do! It’s a wonderfully convenient service that allows pets to be seen by the doctor without having to worry about sitting in a waiting room with other pets, which may or not be aggressive. Pets also get to stay in the safe confines of their own home. Even if your property isn’t pet friendly, offering the connection to a mobile vet service can make your tenants’ work-life balance easier.

Mobile Barkery
Yes, we spelled that correctly. A barkery is a bakery for dogs! Companies like Yappy Hour Bakery have a pet food truck that sells dog treats, pet cakes, chew bones, dog toys, and even pet-friendly ice cream. If you happen to be in the Charlotte, NC area, check them out at one of their local events, and consider hosting a fun pet day at your property - with or without pets included.

Pet Daycare Pickup
Sometimes it’s best if pets are not left home alone all day. Many working parents utilize a daycare for their kids so that they can work. Why not a similar service for pets? A company local to MOBLZ, called PAWS offers multiple services, such as daycare, grooming, longer term boarding, in-home pet care, and even a pet taxi that will pick up a pet and take them to their appointments. Properties might pre-arrange scheduled pick-ups for tenants to bring their pets to the office for a fun daycare excursion.

As you can see, there is quite a variety of mobile pet services available to busy pet owners. This is obviously a growing market with many niche services. By incorporating these services as mobile amenities, your tenants may find they worry less and work more efficiently throughout the day.