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MOBLZ Lunch & Learn: Engaging Employees Energizing Offices

As companies compete to attract top young talent and offices need to retain and gain tenants, leveraging learning and growth opportunities creates advantages. At MOBLZ, we pair popular food truck events with compelling Lunch & Learn sessions about work-life balance, mindfulness, and other personal growth and empowerment discussions to create experiences impossible to replicate on a Zoom call.  

These bite-sized workshops, hosted by dynamic local experts, offer employers and building managers valuable amenities to boost workplace culture, spur collaboration, and create community. Curated topics run the gamut from urban beekeeping, mountain biking, financial planning, and mindfulness to how to build diverse teams. Pursuing personal and professional passions is crucial to retaining young talent.      

In Millennials, Here's Why You Are Addicted to Self-Improvement, Forbes notes how 94% of your millennial employees and tenants born in the 1980s and 1990s have made a personal improvement commitment. In Gen Z: Personal Development More Important Than High Salary, reports personal development followed closely by remote work possibilities are top priorities for employees and tenants born after 1997.    

In The Reason to Go Back to the Office (Hint: It's Not for Your Employer), Forbes notes that research from MIT and Harvard indicates physical proximity creates more collaboration. As the article notes, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, we all need connections with others, but we only sometimes want what is best for us.
MOBLZ Lunch and Learns use your employees' and tenants' desire for self-improvement to sneak "return to the office" cloaked in unique collaborative experiences. In Benefits of a Team Lunch, Upskilled noted benefits from fostering positive company culture and networking to improving employee and tenant retention. Who doesn't love a great lunch?   

MOBLZ Lunch and Learns create great team lunches because our speakers dive into trending themes like emotional intelligence, work-life balance, communication techniques, and more. Beyond buzzwords, they offer actionable tools to improve employee and tenant productivity and fulfillment. Every topic aims to nurture career development while forging connections.   

The MOBLZ Lunch & Learns franchise helps employers and building managers invest in their teams' and tenants' growth and well-being. They remind us of something your millennial and Gen Z employees and tenants believe - learning never stops when we remain open to new adventures life brings. Together, we turn lunch into exciting journeys that unleash the potential to improve employee and tenant retention. Let's discuss workshops elevating your one-of-a-kind culture!