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How to Survive Working From Home

None of us could have seen this coming. Coronavirus has taken control of millions if not billions of people's lives across the world. It’s unclear at this time what the future holds for us in terms of safety, our daily activity, and our world economy. Here at MOBLZ, it’s our job to make the right call for the betterment of the population we oversee. In the past few days we have been asked “What do we do now? What is going to happen? How should we operate?” Everything is changing quickly and there is no way to know if tomorrow will be the same as today. Here are some things we suggest you do today to take your mind off of the world of panic around us.

1.    Find a Food Truck on Social Media: As it stands we can still go outside. It isn’t necessarily smart to go to a restaurant to sit down and enjoy a meal. We suggest calling an order in a pickup order to your favorite food truck. As opposed to a restaurant or fast food chain, instead of 5-8 people having their hands on your food, you will then only have maybe 2 sets of hands. You also don’t have to touch any menus, utensils, and other possibly germ-infested surfaces. At the same time you and even your kids will be getting outside of the house to enjoy a fabulous meal.

2.    Outside Social Distancing: The CDC is recommending Social Distancing. In other words, they want us to stay 6-10 feet from each other to avoid spreading this virus. This doesn’t mean that you should just sit in your room all day and just watch Netflix. We suggest going for a walk at your local park. Find an outside activity to take up a few hours. If it’s nice outside, a little picnic with your family is all the social distancing you really need. Even better if you have a backyard, take time to relax back there if the weather is nice. As long as you minimize the amount of contact you have with those outside of your household, you are practicing social distancing. Another thing to think about is, germs and viruses are more likely to grow and spread when they are contained in small areas. Fresh air will help keep you sane and healthy.

3.    Shop Local: If you do need to go out and buy some supplies, try shopping local. Our local small businesses need our support. If you constantly go to a small business, consider buying gift cards to use later in order to support them and lessen their losses.

4.    Working from Home Tips: If you are working from home or if your kids are learning from home, we encourage you to move around often and try to keep a similar routine. Moving around will help you stay on track while keeping your mind sharp. Open up some windows or if you can. Take your laptop outside to get some work done. But, always remember to disconnect when 5pm rolls around so you can decompress.

5.    What to Do? Our last idea is helping with what to do with your kids while they are home. With technology surrounding us and our eyes glued to multiple screens, we suggest good old fashion card or board games. Try playing games like UNO, Dominos, Life, Pictionary, Clue, or basically any board or card game that you grew up playing. These games are great at passing the time and it’ll give your eyes some rest from your bright screens.

We hope you have gotten some inspiration from our coronavirus tips while you are home. We hope you stay safe out there and we look forward to everything getting back to normal. If you want to share any ideas you have had with us please send us an email!