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How to Make Your Office Inviting During the Holidays

Make Your Buildings Inviting for the Holidays
A few weeks back we discussed how to create an open and welcoming work environment for your tenants. (Read it here.) This week we are adding a holiday twist! It’s time to start planning your office space for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years!
Some people say that Halloween is mostly for the children, but let's be honest...we all enjoy some sweet treats and creating a whacky costume. Decorate for the season and host some fun activities for your tenants to get them involved. Offer an (outdoor) pumpkin carving party, create some haunted offices or promote the decorating idea and give a “best of” prize. If space allows, organize a hay ride for your tenants and their families one Friday night or weekend. Serve warm apple cider and pumpkin flavored baked goods in the lobby, or schedule a food truck that has Halloween specific treats.
When it comes time for Thanksgiving, most employees are ready for the upcoming vacation days and the food. The weather will soon be frigid and the day’s sunlight is almost nonexistent. Bringing excitement into the workplace is key during this time of the year. We suggest that you try offering some fun Fall-themed activities like a pie baking contest, an office potluck, creating a wall of thanks, or you can even do pumpkin bowling with mini pumpkins and empty water bottles.
Christmas and Hanukkah are the gift giving seasons, and we suggest warming up the offices with fun little treats and warm beverages that all will enjoy in addition to your traditional decorating! Candy canes with hot chocolate are a perfect, and inexpensive, treat! Add wreaths and a tree in the lobby with signs asking everyone to hang an ornament. If you want to go all out, creating a candy cane lane in a hallway with a Hanukkah and Christmas stocking wall would bring a smile to everyone's face! Other small ideas include gingerbread building or promoting a park-wide ugly sweater themed work day. This is also a great time to create a spirit of joyful giving on your properties. Work with a charity like Toys for Tots to be a drop-off location for collecting gift items for those in need.
Once everyone is back from work with their new year's resolutions, you can welcome them back with some excitement - it’s the perfect time to debut that workout room you’ve been planning, or convert a bulletin board into a place to post everyone’s new year resolutions.
This holiday season, help your tenants spread the cheer and bring some excitement and joy to their offices!
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