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How to Host A Valentine's Day Event

Last week on our second podcast of the year we discussed the importance of events at your property and how a Valentine’s day event can take your engagement in the community to the next level.

When it comes time to organize your Valentine's Day event, you should plan to have it at least a week before Valentine’s Day. This is so you can catch all your tenants and occupants at the right time to give them the opportunity to buy the best gift(s!) from your vendors.

As property managers, it’s our duty to not only bring time-saving amenities to our tenants, but to also create a sense of community within your office park and with the surrounding community. Bringing in local small businesses to help your tenants find their love the most elegant treats, handmade jewelry pieces that are just as unique as they are, and other handmade crafts. Giving them the opportunity to serve your tenants and promote themselves, not only draws more people to the events but also helps forms a stronger bond with those small businesses. Of course it also gives your occupants more time to focus on other matters as opposed to trying to figure out what to get for Valentine’s Day. Win - win - win!

Once you have found your vendors and your event is on the schedule, you need to begin promotion. Social media, newsletters, and signage will be the easiest. We recommend you ask your vendors for any promotions they will be running during that time. Don’t forget to ask for digital versions of logos and other ancillary items from the businesses so that you can easily add them to your promotional materials. Lastly, ask the vendors to also post and give the event a shout-out on their social media channels. You will reach a larger market and bring even more attention to your event if everyone works together.

If you want to experience a Valentine’s Day event before you plan your own, come out to ours on February 7th from 11-3pm at the Imperial Center (4309 Emperor Blvd, Durham, NC 27703) and make sure to follow our social media accounts to stay updated on what vendors and food trucks we will have!