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How to Attract the Top Food Trucks

How to Attract the Top Food Trucks
Getting food trucks to come to an office park or cluster of building is not hard, but getting the trucks that are in demand is a challenge. TV Shows like Great American Food Truck Race, featuring Chef Tyler Florance, is in its 10th season. You will see trucks like “Pho Nomenal Dumpling Truck” or “Cousin’s Maine Lobster” have thousands more Twitter followers than another food truck with similar cuisine. Consequently, this also means they have a much higher demand for their bookings. This begs the question, “How do you get the best food trucks to your property or area?”
Many food/services trucks need to meet meet a certain threshold of expected or guaranteed customers in order to consider traveling to your location. Just like every business their profit opportunity needs to cover their operating and overhead costs. What we recommend is reaching out to the specific trucks through email and providing them with statistics about the size of your property and the number of employees located there.
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We are all busy and especially as a property manager there is a lot on your plate! There is barely enough time in the day already and communicating with food trucks can be very time consuming. This is where MOBLZ comes into play. We have experienced staff and personnel who can effectively communicate with popular vendors in your area to get them to your location or business park.
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