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Hottest Food Truck Markets

Hottest Food Truck Markets
This is our list of the hottest food truck markets around the country and it is not just our opinion. Compiling the list involved some mathematical analysis of consumer demand, area restrictions, weather, local economy, and feedback from existing food trucks. There are some markets like New York City, Chicago, and Boston which will always be a bit lower due to the lack of space, good weather, and regulation. Overall, we were shocked by the strong demand for mobile businesses in each market.
  • 1. Portland
  • 2. Denver
  • 3. Orlando
  • 4. Raleigh
  • 5. Nashville
  • 6. Philadelphia
  • 7. Indianapolis
  • 8. Houston
  • 9. Austin
  • 10. Charlotte
  • 11. Los Angeles
  • 12. St. Louis
  • 13. Chicago
  • 14. Phoenix
  • 15. Columbus
  • 16. Minneapolis
  • 17. Seattle
  • 18. New York City
  • 19. San Francisco
  • 20. Washington, DC
  • 21. Boston
All of these locations are HOT!
Even if you start a food truck in Boston or Washington DC today you are in a really good place! The big differences between the top of the list and the bottom are things like operating cost, the number of permits, and regulations involved in order to serve on a regular basis. For example it will cost you around $17,000/year to operate in Boston where as it'll cost you $700/year to operate in Orlando. Boston requires 32 procedures to be followed while Denver only requires 10. Meanwhile Philadelphia has the least amount of restrictions whereas Minneapolis has the most.
Ultimately, there is a “best” and “worst” but in reality these are all great cities for owning and operating a food truck. Go ahead and mobilize!