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Host a Local Vendor Fair!

Want to really build goodwill for you and your property in the local community? How about trying a Local Vendor Fair? While food truck events can act as a great pull to your property and benefit your tenants (varying food, get to stay on property, fun!), a vendor fair can open up lines of communication into the community.
This time of the year is a great time to host a mini local vendor fair at your location. Peak holiday shopping time is right around the corner and it’s also not 1000 degrees outside like it was toward the beginning of fall! This is a great way to showcase your property to prospective new tenants and build relationships in the local economy. As Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday approach, piggyback off of the fact that everyone is already in the mindset to spend money. We all need to get some people gifts for the upcoming holidays, so help out your tenants and local businesses.
We recommend that you put an event like this together soon. Reach out to local small businesses and invite them to sell their products for free. It’s important to keep it open to only local businesses because that will draw more tenant employees to spend money. Everyone loves shopping local because it not only helps the surrounding economy, but there is a kind of a nostalgia to it. If you can, see if you can find a specialty business, such as local chocolatier or a candle maker.
Once you find local small businesses and choose a day for your event, make sure you market the fair and have the participating businesses help you market it on social media as well. Use the name of your property in a hashtag (#mylocalproperty #buylocal #vendorfairatmyproperty) Bringing more people to the event making all parties involved happy, while developing a stronger relationship with the surrounding community.