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Food Truck Rodeos & Why You Should Host One!

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Picture a land filled with the aromas of fresh barbeque, creamy mac 'n' cheese, and mouth watering artisan treats. Food truck rodeos/rallies bring so much potential to properties and the tenants within. They allow your existing tenants the opportunity to get outside and change up their routine, all while savoring the food truck experience. If you pair popular food trucks like Cousins Maine Lobster or Chez Moi (desserts) with strong marketing for the event, you can attract a great number of people to your building or area who may have never known it was there. This could draw potential new tenants to your property, while showing them that the grass is greener on YOUR side.

Food truck events can also help your current tenants, and not just their employees. Allow relevant tenants to set up a table outside on food truck days to give them an opportunity to market themselves to a new customer base. Offering their services while occupants enjoy some awesome unique food can be a win-win.

Depending on where you are, official food truck rodeos may be few and far between or a monthly occurrence. Regardless, true foodies will love the idea of getting out of the office to enjoy lunch from their favorite food trucks if you have them right in your parking lot daily or weekly. Of course, you need to gauge the right number of trucks to allow on your property at a time. Too few trucks means long lines and wasted lunch hours, while too many will cause upset food truck operators who won’t come back to your property because there’s not enough business to spread around. A good estimate is to try and have one truck for every 200-300 people in your building. We also love including some desert trucks in the line-up. Who doesn’t love some quality sweets or ice cream? It’s a great reward!

Here at Moblz, we know it takes a lot to plan and market a food truck event. If you would like us to plan your event and get some of the best food trucks to your property, please email us!