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Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services
Office staff like the convenience of having food and services cater to them at work. This keeps the worker from having to leave the office to run errands or stop to pick up food. What are the options for food delivery services?
  • Grubhub – There is no additional fee for using this service. Restaurants, however, may charge different rates for delivering your food. This generally runs somewhere between five to eight ($5-$8) dollars. You can either place an order online or through their app. Like all the others it shows the available food options in your area. Your order can be tracked until final delivery.
  • DoorDash – With DoorDash there is a delivery fee depending on the restaurant ranging from six to eight ($6-$8) dollars, as well as an additional service fee of up to fifteen percent. Depending on the time of your order there can also be a “busy fee”. Using their app, you can find your nearby favorite foods and then order. Once the order is made you will be allowed to track it until it’s delivered.
  • Uber Eats – There is a service fee for each order as well as a delivery fee. And just like Uber, the delivery fee can be increased depending on the time of the order. To use Uber Eats you simply download their app and then you are able to see local eateries. Choose to add meals to your cart and track them after purchase.
  • Foodsby – According to their website, they will charge you a maximum of $1.99 more than you’d pay in the restaurant. You can either order online or through their app from any of their restaurant partners. Orders have to be in prior to 10:00 am. Each delivery from Foodsby is made into a centralized location in the building. You are notified once it arrives. If your office is not already in the network, you will have to submit a request to have it added.
All these services have understandable and simple to use phone apps, but there are a few things you should consider when choosing to use them. These services can hurt the restaurants more than you would expect. Delivery orders now account for roughly 30-40% of the sales most restaurants have. While these services expand the number of customers a restaurant can serve, the delivery company takes the majority of the profit instead of the restaurant. In many cases, there is only a two to five percent profit margin (or less)! Drivers get the tips and restaurant employees who actually make the food do not get a share of the tip.
Last but not least there are food trucks. By utilizing food trucks, these franchise owners and small businesses will retain higher profits. 99.5% of food trucks are owned by small, local business. That means the profits stay in your community. These truck owners usually invest back into their trucks and care about the community. So, when you notice your tenants searching for quick and easy lunch options, you may want to persuade them to consider a food truck!
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