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Fiesta Time (Planning for Cinco De Mayo)

Originally, we had planned to write this week's email about planning for Cinco De Mayo which is, of course, on May 5th. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we cannot completely follow our plan but we will do our best!
May 5th is just under a month away and hopefully we will have defeated the COVID-19 virus by then. But just in case we are still in quarantine, we will share planning tips for both scenarios below.

We overcame the virus!
We are able to go out with our friends, take trips, and eat at our favorite mexican restaurants again! Going back to work is not all that fun but, having a Cinco De Mayo themed party will make all the difference. Guacamole, tacos, tequila, and upbeat music is a great get away for a Tuesday. That’s right, Cinco De Mayo falls on a Tuesday. Taco Tuesday! We suggest trying to schedule a taco food truck for your property that day or see if they have time to serve at your event! Check with the truck to see if they have desert options like churros, dessert nachos, or paletas. These are always crowd pleasers!. After being trapped in our own houses/apartments for the past month (or longer for some!) the best idea for this event is to host it outdoors on the property. Somewhere with picnic benches or some other location with seating. This way you can pump your Cinco De Mayo Spotify playlist and enjoy the fresh air!
Fun Fact: Cinco De Mayo is the only other day of the year in the United States where the sales of beer are similar to that of the super bowl.

Still not safe to leave the house.
Spending time in isolation is no fun, but to keep everyone safe, it must be done. Even though we are all tired of being inside all the time, we are going to make the best out of Cinco De Mayo! Here are a few of our at home self isolation Cinco De Mayo ideas and tips!
Search Youtube or Spotify for a great Cinco De Mayo playlist. Our favorite that was found on Spotify is called, “Cinco De Mayo: 50 Classic Latin Songs”. It’ll be sure to lift your spirits! Then get your tunes playing through either your home sound system or your TV speakers. Invite your friends to your Fiesta virtually! Obviously, you cannot actually have them over, but with facetime, zoom, google hangout, skype, or other video conferencing app, you can have the next best thing. If you have a pet at home? Make them an outfit for the party! A cute little sombrero can do the trick or even a special collar.
Now onto the important part - the food! In the grocery stores one of the easier things to find is flour tortilla wraps. You can either whip up some quesadillas, burritos, or hard shell tacos. It can be as easy or as simple as you like. You can make a breakfast burrito with some eggs, salsa, breakfast sausage, peppers, onions, cheese, and avocado. You can also make some seven layer bean dip. Or you can simply make guacamole to devour with some chips or on your burrito.
After you have put some substance in your stomach it’s time to bring out the tequila! We are all working from home and the party is always better when your friends and tequila are there. Plus the alcohol will kill the virus (definitely not true but we can dream!).
We are hoping that by the time May rolls around we are able to celebrate Cinco De Mayo as a community and in person! For the time being, stay home and stay safe, and make the best out of what you have. We will see you out there soon enough.