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FOMA (Fear of Missing Amenities)

Who here has heard of FOMO marketing?
FOMO or Fear of Missing Out marketing, is popular amongst many companies today. We are certain that you have been a victim of this marketing tactic at least once before. You have surely seen it while searching Amazon for products and seeing “Only 1 Left”.
We are adding our own little office park twist to this idea. We are adopting the idea of FOMA or Fear of Missing Amenities.
No one wants to miss out on the best amenity packages there are to offer today. That includes property owners all the way to tenant employees. What happens if you miss the next big amenity spot light? If you’re the property manager or owner, that could mean losing tenants and being unable to fill your office park. If you are tenants, then you are simply missing out and you could lose employees and precious time. Nobody wants either of those and luckily we keep an eye and ear out for the next big thing.

If you are a property manager, this is how you can use FOMA to bring new tenants to your open office space.
•    LESSON 1: Show off your amenities! Plan tours when you have food truck rodeos or other events. Use short videos that highlight the aspects of your property that will make tenants go, “WOW”.

•    LESSON 2: Continue to expand your office park amenity possibilities. Take your existing amenities and rethink them. How can you make your office spaces feel modern with exciting new tech. What simple things can you add to make your tenants and their employees want to come to work. In the coming months we plan to dive into different amenities that will bring you new tenants and attention.

•    LESSON 3: Create marketing for openings in your property that outline how you are the best option for tenants out of the surrounding office spaces. Think outside the box because that is what will separate you from the competition. Make the best of your social media channels to reach a new target market by using video and high quality images paired with strong marketing verbiage.
Harness FOMA and use it to your advantage. Think outside the box, build up your amenities, and show off to the surrounding companies. This is how you can build on your first quarter success.
MOBLZ will be at BOMA Nashville Wed. March 11 &
BOMA Orlando Wed. March 18th.