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Emerging Companies in the Amenity Market

Emerging Companies in the Amenity Market
QUICK NOTE: If you have Food Trucks on your property today, now is the time to set your 2020 schedules. The competition for the best trucks is getting hotter, so MOLBZ suggests you get your schedule set now.
The fitness center is really yesterday’s hot topic in office building amenities. Employees expect those fitness centers to have the latest Peloton Cycles and health resources in order for it to even be considered an “amenity” these days.
For office parks looking to really expand their Amenity footprint, property managers need to be focused on mobile service providers . These are now considered Mobile Amenities, and are hot discussion topics at conferences like BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) and in magazines like Buildings and Site Selection. Here are some new and exciting mobile companies and products that we have seen:
  • SPIFFY – On demand car care including mobile car wash, detail service, and oil change.
  • Yoshi – Mobile fuel service on demand or as a refill subscription.
  • Foodsby – Scheduled food delivery by local restaurants to specialized drop box locations.
  • FitSpot – Workout boot camps and fitness professionals on the go.
  • RiseBuildings – An occupant experience concierge service.
  • MOBLZ – we may be a little biased since this is our newsletter. Online platform, mobile app, and marketing system that brings Mobile Vendors, Property Managers, Tenants/Occupants into an ecosystem that allows them all to work together to create a better tenant experience with mobile amenities.
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Other amenity trends include:
  • Mother’s Rooms – big companies like Cisco, General Mills and PricewaterhouseCoopers have added these.
  • Bars – who doesn’t want the Cheers bar in their office building?
  • Library – SAS in Cary, NC has around 15,000 books in theirs.
  • Nap Rooms a.k.a Recharging Rooms – places with soothing music, privacy and wake up alarms to allow employees to get a short power nap in.
With changes in growing employee amenity demand, MOBLZ can help you fulfill your tenant/employee needs. Contact us today - we are here to help!
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