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Emergency Alerts for Your Tenants

Emergency Alerts for Your Tenants
We are now migrating into the heart of winter. After talking to property managers in Minnesota, they expressed their frustration with having to deal with 5-8 inches of snow. While 8 inches of snow is not an event that would normally cripple the Twin-Cities area, the storm also had 40mph wind gusts. This happened the day before Thanksgiving break and many people were trying to get to work or were out to complete their last minute grocery shopping. The result? A small area had 600 car accidents! Many employees found out that their companies were going into “Work Remote” mode at about 8am, meaning many of the people on the road, could have stayed home.
Unfortunately, we can’t change what is in the past but we, as property managers, can avoid this in the future. Having procedures and an alert system for your building tenants is important and necessary to keep everyone safe. Just like insurance, you aren’t aware of it’s value until you need it. So we ask, what are your procedures for alerting your tenants? When do you decide if the weather will be too severe? If you are unaware or haven’t revised your plan in years, maybe it’s time to reevaluate.
Here at MOBLZ, we have the availability for our buildings to use our up-to-date “Alertz” system which creates a seamless and quick way for property managers to notify their tenants in the event of an emergency. The system can be used for all types of important alerts - severe weather, electrical outages, active shooter. Luckily, we have not had to use it often, but a few times we have had to use Alertz to notify food trucks about severe weather closures.
Keep in mind, that as a property manager, you need to keep the safety of all the individuals using your property in mind during these dangerous weather months. If you need help with your procedure for notifying tenants or if you would test our “Alertz” system feel free to contact us.
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