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Does Fitness Come to Your Office?

Last week we discussed another type of mobile truck that could bring more people and amenities to your office park (boutique shops) - not only in terms of tenant benefits but also for overall community engagement. This week we focus on another non-food truck option to bring value to your properties.

Over the past decade Americans have transitioned towards eating and living healthier. As you are aware, one of the continuing struggles toward that end is our time. We simply don't have the time or motivation to wake up at 5 am to workout before our long days at work, nor are we ready to when we get home by the end of the workday.

We do know that on-site gyms are a sought after amenity with tenant employees - giving them an at-work workout option. Mobile gyms and personal trainers on wheels can use your open parking lot space. By utilizing these mobile resources, you don't have to spend the time or your budget to offer these amenities on your properties. A free way to offer a typically expensive amenity is a great approach!

Mobile fitness trucks have most of the same equipment you would find in a normal gym. The main difference is that these businesses come to your property whenever you want to offer that service to tenants. As the weather outside becomes bearable and as we continue to transition into living healthier, let your tenants upgrade their healthy living programs and even give it a try yourself.

Here are a few of our recommendations for mobile fitness providers in different regions:

  • GymGuyz - Cary NC
    GymGuyz is a national franchise that personalizes every session for each person. The truck is equipped with all the equipment tenants need to get in shape and achieve their fitness goals.
  • Truck Trainers - Nashville TN
    Truck Trainers' personal trainer provides workouts and addresses mental and physical health from their trainer truck.
  • Pro Sports & Fitness - Weston FL
    With an extensive fitness background in strength training for the NBA and Olympics, Pro Sports & Fitness' personal trainer brings a workout plan with a unique 33 degree incline inflatable hill.
  • Inform Fitness - NYC
    This is a different approach to fitness, with intense, brief workouts being just as powerful as long workouts. They offer a workout that saves time while being healthy.

If you'd like assistance with coordinating a mobile fitness truck for your property please contact us!