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Building Relationships with Your Food Truck Owners

Implementing food truck service for your tenants sounds easy, right? There are food trucks everywhere, just call them up and they will come! Done! 

Not so fast. MOBLZ specializes in helping property managers create unforgettable experiences for their tenants with an eye toward improved satisfaction making it easier to retain tenants or fill spaces. We look at events as amenities that are part of your marketing materials and help make your property stand out from the crowd. We’ve been scheduling trucks at a variety of office locations across the country for nearly 10 years. 

Our vendor services manager is a former food truck owner/operator. He offers these tips and things to keep in mind about working with food trucks: 

Communication is key – everyone likes to know what is expected, what is going to happen next, and most importantly what is going to happen in a new situation. You might need to test out days of the week or cuisine to get well-aligned with your tenants if you don’t have clear information about what they want. We can help with our experience and hosting quick surveys. You can never give out too much information. The easier you make it for the vendors, the better it will be for your tenants.

Relationships need to be real – come out when the truck is on site. See how the location and business are working out. Buy your lunch! The truck owner is a part of the amenity package you offer. While you don’t pay them to show up, making a real connection with them will help when there is an issue. If a truck needs to cancel, they help find a replacement for a location they have a relationship with. 

Trucks are businesses not hobbies – if the owner commits to your site, that is their paycheck for the day. If sales don’t cover the costs, they won’t be excited to come back. They also want to know what to expect. While selling out may seem like a win, being better prepared for a high-volume location would be better for everyone. Tenants don't typically have long lunch breaks and can't afford to wait in long lines or for slow service. Making sure the truck is ready to start serving at the right time and has that information in advance makes the event more enjoyable for everyone.

Trucks are people, too - many are just one person and the vehicle. We all know “life” happens at the most inconvenient times. Remember to be flexible. Trucks may have to cancel or reschedule. It could be mechanical with the truck. They may have a supply chain issue getting enough food. They may just be sick or have a family emergency. Be understanding, the same way you would want grace from the truck operator if you forgot to send reminders or doubled the event size at the last minute.

Surveys are a quick and easy way to get meaningful information on what your tenants are seeking. MOBLZ has an easy survey tool that can reach the companies and individuals on your campus to help guide your decision making. We ask about the best days to serve lunch or breakfast. We ask what types of events are of interest to the companies and individual employees.

This concludes our food truck insiders series. While this is a great amenity with a lot of appeal, running a rotation successfully does take some attention and effort. MOBLZ is here to help! Take advantage of our free consultation to learn more and make your property a hot location.