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Bringing Disc Golf to Your Property

Bringing Disc Golf to Your Property
We know you are battling to bring the best amenities to your properties in order to attract more tenants. Not everyone can offer the latest and greatest, but a little creative thinking can go a long way in bringing something new to make that good impression. While we’re sure a lot of people would love the idea of having a golf course in their office park, let's be honest - that’s highly unreasonable and way out of the budget! But, have you considered adding a disc golf course instead? Disc golf has been gaining a ton of attraction lately and is a great amenity to have for people who would like to take a short work break. For the same cost as buying a set of golf clubs, you can create a disc golf 9-hole course. Crazy, right?
Space Requirements
Designing and building a disc golf course can be as simple or complex as you make it. The great thing about disc golf is you don’t need a lot of land or materials. Each disc golf hole is between 150-700 feet. You can either clear a little bit of land, or leave existing trees or other obstacles to add some fun to it and make the holes more challenging. When it comes to creating your course layout, planning will help determine how much space you need.
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As far as materials, you will need disc golf baskets. A disc golf basket is essentially a pole with a basket that surrounds the pole into which players try to throw the disc. All baskets have chains on them to help catch the disc and drop it into the basket. There are two types of baskets you can get - portable or permanent. Portable baskets will be the cheapest option, ranging between $80-$150/basket, while permanent baskets cost $250-$400/basket. Portable baskets are less expensive, but we suggest installing permanent ones because they will last longer and are usually the better investment. There are also nicer portable options like the Mach 2 Portable for around $240 which comes with a 20 year warranty.
You could also add tee platforms, but to save money you could use tee markers (which only cost around $10 each).
Consider making custom course signs to map out the holes and provide information. They should run around $500 for nine signs. While many folks will have their own discs to use, you can consider purchasing a few extras to keep on hand for those that might wish to give the game a try. This is a decent set for a good price.
If you really want a turnkey system, you may want to consider the Mach 2 Portable Course Kit. It costs around $2,200, but includes baskets and signage for 9 holes. That’s not a bad deal for a disc golf course that will provide your tenants a great outdoor break area for a long time to come.
Regardless of the type of equipment you decide to use, there are many great options for a recreational course on a budget. Creating a disc golf course should cost between $900 and $4000. It’s an awesome amenity that provides tenants with a great outdoor break, a little exercise, some fresh air, and most importantly, good will toward their work life and your property.
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