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Best 3 Office Amenities That Will Fill Your Office Park With Tenants

With the rise of live, work, play communities we are seeing more and more drive for amenities that simplify the tenants' life. The workforce no longer wants to waste time driving to and from work. They no longer enjoy normalization and boring work atmospheres. People are looking for ease throughout their day. They are looking to save time by multitasking throughout their work day to give themselves more time once they get home. This is why we also see a steady rise in the desire to work remotely, but we all know that sometimes face to face communication is necessary.
It would be grand if we could all just develop multi-million dollar facilities for our office parks to transition them into office campuses. Although, let's be realistic most of us don't have the funds to do so. In time though, if you create enough of a draw to your property those apartment complexes will come. So how do you make your office park or property desirable? What will fill up your vacancies?
In short, amenities will help you bring more tenants. But we have recommendations for the top 3 amenities that you can introduce to your park that will let your park stand out.
Outdoor Common Areas
The first amenity you should add or develop is outdoor common areas. Now we don't mean just a few picnic tables and some proper shade. We mean a whole area with plenty of cozy seating, shade, even a fire pit, electrical outlets, and some lush landscape for people to walk around in to possibly explore. This area needs to be designed where the occupants would feel comfortable and relaxed spending time out here. Try to keep this area feeling like a mini getaway. For those who love the outdoors, they want to feel the ease and desire to work out here for an hour or more. Installing collaboration booths or even glass based office spaces could bring the nature based thinkers to your property.
Cheap additions to this area include corn hole, bocce ball, horseshoes, and other lawn games
Property Activities
Cheaper lawn games sometimes won't cut it. A while back we wrote an article about adding disc golf to your property and how easy it can be. We have noticed that a majority of office parks have nice small trails. While that can be nice for nature walks, the young workforce is more active. They enjoy having activities to put their mind to with some competitiveness. This is why something like disc golf can be an affordable option for your property. Other opportunities include adding areas to hold a multitude of different events and if you take our advice from above you can transition that outside area into an amphitheatre like area to help you with events.
Easy Access to Food
Here in America we love our food and there is nothing greater than being able to try all different types of food with ease. There are a few different ways that you can bring a variety of different food options to your office park. The first idea is to schedule food kiosks in your park. You could schedule the same kiosk to come on a weekly basis or you can just have one kiosk handle it all. While a lot easier to schedule and handle due to the lower amount of vendors this doesn't offer the variation that we long for. Another option is partnering with companies like Foodsby that will deliver food to a centralized location on the property where all the occupants that ordered their lunch would be able to come and pick it up. Or there is our favorite food option, food trucks. Having a food truck schedule can light up your office park. Strategically, setting up your food truck schedule will not only give the occupants the variety they love but it will also increase the amount of visitors and therefore eyes on your property. When it comes to planning out your food truck schedule there is a lot to consider. Things like surrounding restaurants, tenant occupants, the type of companies in your buildings, and so much more come into play. If you want or already have food trucks it's best to have a nice area out near the trucks where occupants can sit and enjoy their meal before having to go back into the office. Installing power hookups for the food trucks will make this space nice and quiet as well. I won't go into much detail because in the coming weeks MOBLZ will be releasing a whitepaper that will dive deep into these topics.
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