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A New Mobile Truck to Schedule

Even though it's technically still Winter and snow could still be on the way, we're starting to see signs of Spring already. With the Spring and Summer months approaching fast, it's time to start planning some seasonal amenities for your properties so everyone can enjoy the sunny days to come!

Of course, promoting your food truck schedules to draw tenants out of their offices is a great start. Consider adding an ice cream truck to your regular schedule, or bringing on some new trucks to bring variety.
Spring and Summer are also the perfect time to try something totally new - how about adding stylish mobile boutique trucks into your monthly rotations? With everyone putting their sweaters back into storage, new spring fashions are sprouting and you can host a mobile popup event to let tenants spend their lunch hour feasting AND shopping instead of having to choose only one. Most of these traveling boutiques are outfitted with on-board changing rooms, full storefront capacity, and a great selection of fashion trends for the coming seasons.

While you cannot find these types of trucks everywhere yet, they are well developed in larger markets like Raleigh (NC), Charlotte (NC), Miami (FL), Atlanta (GA), and New York (NY). Just like food trucks, these mobile vendors can serve at your office park as an amenity for your tenants, saving them valuable time and showing them why your property is the best.

If you need help finding a mobile boutique truck for your property, please contact us. We'd love to help you continue to offer new, creative trucks for your events!
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