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5 Tips for creating an Open and Welcoming Work Environment

5 Tips for Creating an Open and
Welcoming Work Environment
Property managers and property owners today need to help create the most inviting work environments for their tenants. This helps the tenants attract the best quality talent to their businesses. The work pool is tight and with so many people retiring, many office parks are feeling the crunch to modernize.
Last week we discussed the importance of making sure your property is set up for the future. We mentioned listening to what your prospective and current tenants want, and a large portion of the working class is now looking for open and comfortable work environments. This can be as simple as scheduling a food truck or providing methods for the employees to engage with the surrounding community. With the following tips, you can begin to transform your property to attract new companies.
Tip #1: More face-to-face interaction
Try opening up your building space by creating desk areas that allow easier interaction between team members or coworkers. Many new businesses and companies are looking for more face-to-face interaction so that communication and team atmosphere can be strengthened. It’s all about allowing for connections in the office space.
Tip #2: Build a warm work area with natural light
(But not so warm that your employees fall asleep!) By allowing in a lot of natural lighting, you can create a warm and lively work environment that feeds energy into the office. If the building doesn’t have a lot of windows, upgrade to warmer led light bulbs that simulate natural sunlight. These warmer tones stimulate the mind and can increase productivity - something any employer would love to see from their staff. Warmer lighting is also easier on the eyes!
Tip #3: Add plant life to offices spaces
Our minds are masters of association. Indoor plants can subconsciously make us feel like we are outside and more in contact with nature. Adding aloe plants will not only be easy to maintain, but they are one of the best air-purifying plants for office spaces. BONUS! Healthy aloe will reproduce, and before you know it your building can be full of air-purifying aloe.
Tip #4: Schedule food and dessert trucks on your property
Who can say no to some ice cream or cupcakes, especially when it is hot out? If you have cafeterias on location, long-term employees will tire of the same old food. Why not change up the venue and reward your tenants with food trucks?
Tip #5: Have a great area for breaks
Offer an area that allows people to take short breaks from their work. It can be as simple as putting in a foosball table or a ping pong table, installing some comfy sofas or chairs, or even a hammock chair. Giving the brain a place to reset and take a break from firing on all cylinders benefits you tenants. Research has shown that employees are more productive when they have areas to take breaks and play.
If you would like help scheduling food trucks at your property, please reach out to us!
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