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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: SELF CARE

Patrick Dieudonne & Rachelle Leath


Top Picks for Self Care

In all the holiday chaos, remember this: your well-being matters. Stress is the silent guest we'd all rather avoid, so take a moment for YOU. Inhale, exhale, and indulge in our curated Self Care list for a rejuvenating season. We have Local Picks + Budget Friendly Options because this year, self-care is something you and your loved ones deserve.

Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal

Kiana is one of our content creators. The life of a creator can be hectic so no surprise she would select this journal.

PRICE: $28.99

Nodpod Sleep Mask

We've found the game changer for deep and restful sleep. This mask is like a comforting hug for your head. With all the stress of the holiday it can help ease an overactive mind and is a perfect remedy for pesky headaches.

PRICE: $34.00

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

This is a self-care essential. It's a way to stay relaxed with the aromatherapy and show off your sleek decor. The stone diffuser offers a calming ambiance for your guests (or yourself) during the festive season.

PRICE: $65.00+

TULA 10-piece limited-edition vault

Need a little treat for yourself? The holidays can get hectic and we love coming home to a nice mini fridge stocked with cooling eye balm and ways to hydrate our skin after running all those cold weather holiday errands.

PRICE: $328.00

Knack Shops Bathing in Luxury

If you're a little introverted like some of us, this is the perfect self care haven at home. Who doesn't want a spa experience without having to leave your house?!

PRICE: $242.00

Cariloha Bamboo Retreat Pillow

Getting through the holiday is going to require a restful night sleep. This bamboo pillow will help with that! It's has amazing plush support and could offer the deep sleep and serenity we are all craving.

PRICE: $129.00

Back + Neck Massager with Heat

A massage a day sounds like a dream come true. This massager employs a shiatsu massage technique and a heat function that will melt away all that tension. It's a perfect gift to give someone or just for yourself!

PRICE: $33.99

Local Picks

Budget Friendly Options

  • Memory Foam Pillows | $36.99 | Amazon
  • Coconut Vanilla Bath Spa Gift Set | $39.99 | Amazon
  • Cleansing & Hydrating Travel Size Duo | $26.00 | TULA
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser | $28.99 | Amazon
  • IMAK Eye Pillow | $14.99 | Amazon