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Behind the Scenes at a Property Event

Cars and Coffee Morrisville is one of the largest car meets in the state of North Carolina. The event sees anywhere from 1,800 to 2,400 cars a month. Each month the event garners more attention via social media and word of mouth. MOBLZ and Cars and Coffee coordinate with nonprofits, the Durham Police Department, local businesses, food trucks, and other vendors to bring together car aficionados at TriProperties’ Imperial Center campus in Durham every month. So, what really goes into putting together an event like this?


We typically schedule 5 to 6 trucks for a variety of food choices. With as many people attending the event, it’s important that we have trucks that can get good food out quickly. We look for food trucks that have a breakfast/brunch type menu since the event runs early mornings. The Dapper Bean specialty coffee truck is one of the original trucks of C&C Morrisville, and they typically serve anywhere from 100 to 150 drinks during a single Cars and Coffee event. Other food trucks such as BombA$$ Sandwich Co. and Biscuit Haven have sold out of food completely. People come to see the cars, but they don’t like to do it on an empty stomach. You’ve got to feed them!


The MOBLZ marketing team meets to discuss graphics, social media event pages and marketing strategies. We look to create clear, concise, and clean content to promote the event. The Cars and Coffee community seeks information before, during, and after each event. MOBLZ prides itself on how efficiently we can create solid content that works for people who regularly attend the event as well as first timers.

Behind the Scenes

C&C Morrisville coordinators get information out to the car clubs and Durham Police for each event. In addition to this, cones are set out the day before to mark out spots for food trucks and charities, and police work to ensure everything goes smoothly at the event.

Each month features a different car theme and non-profit charity. C&C Morrisville coordinators work with featured cars so everyone knows where they should be. MOBLZ marketing works with non-profits to handle promotion and donations. April’s theme is Ferrari Day, and the charity Food4Heroes uses donations to buy first responders and healthcare workers meals.

Of Course, There’s More...

This was just a brief rundown of what it takes to put together an event like Cars and Coffee. There are many other steps that go into planning and promotions to create a successful event – a daunting task for many property managers with so many other responsibilities. Keep an eye on MOBLZ’s social media to see more events we’re helping property managers coordinate.

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