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Alertz - the MOBLZ Announcement System

It’s late August and we are in the middle of hurricane season. We’ve already had some devastating windstorms in the Plains, and winter is right around the corner with ice, snow, and freezing rain threats. We’ve even had earthquakes here in MOBLZ’s home state of North Carolina! Just last April, we detailed what happened when an EF-2 tornado touched down near our office. While we didn’t suffer any damages, the technology infrastructure in our town was messed up for days. It took more than a week to fully recover.

As property managers, we have a lot of responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities are to do what we can to keep our tenants safe and informed. Communication is paramount to that. What method are you using to let tenants know what’s going on? Signage and social media posts, of course are key, but do you have a fast, direct, and easy method to let tenants know if an emergency arises or if plans for an event change at the last minute? If you and your tenants are participating with MOBLZ, you do!

Alertz is MOBLZ’s announcement system. It’s an alert system that can email and/or text anyone that has registered their email or phone with your property. There are multiple templates you, as the property manager, can choose from to quickly set up and email or text your tenants. This is an incredibly powerful tool, available at your fingertips, to get the word out about anything of importance. The time to review this alert system is now, so that when the need arises for you to send an alert or announcement, you are already familiar with it. Contact us to ask how to get Alertz set up for your property.