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5 Apps to Make Running Food Trucks Easier

Apps can help keep you organized and bring customers

This week we dive into some apps that can make running a food truck easier. They’re the apps we can’t live without and want to share!

  1. Google Calendar: You need to know where you are going and when to be there. You can set up reminders for the events and add notes. Color-coding is a great way to organize your calendar, especially if you need to keep an eye out for certain types of events or tasks.
    Expert Tip: Send an invite to the event coordinator to keep your event on their calendar and lower chances of double booking.
  2. Social Media apps: Having the major social apps are a must-have: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. IG and TikTok are fire right now. Even if you are not using them all regularly, it doesn’t hurt to at least have them set up for your business.
    Expert Tip: Be sure to take a look at our last podcast for social media tips.
  3. Navigation apps: You need to know how to get to your scheduled events. We recommend Waze, Google maps, or Apple maps. Figure out which one works best for you in your area.
    Expert Tip: Most apps have a feature to save or pin the location, which makes it easier to find places you’re not familiar with later, and to send to your employees.
  4. Payment apps: Square, Clove, PayPal, Venmo, and other payment apps are some of the most used forms of payment on trucks. In order to make the customer experience easy, trucks use payment apps that require little to no effort on the customer’s part. With just a few clicks, they can pay, and their food is on the way.
    Expert Tip: Offer more than one payment method to give your customers the option that works best for them.
  5. MOBLZ app: Adding your truck to the MOBLZ food truck directory makes it easier for property managers to find you. People searching for trucks frequently use the directory to seek trucks, find their social media schedules, and book private events. The app has a calendar feature that tenants use to keep up with trucks.
    Expert Tip: Showing good info about your truck in the MOBLZ app is excellent for being found online. In fact, some food trucks' MOBLZ profile pages appear even before their own websites because our food truck directory has great SEO for the search engines. Update your truck profile at

Our Honorable Mention Pick:

CREW helps you connect with your employees. You can create schedules, offer up shifts, and employees can engage and communicate with each other. It