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3 Preparations When Bringing Back Food Trucks

Preparation these days is tough. Tomorrow regulations could be completely swapped 180 degrees compared to today! That is one benefit of having a food truck. They are adaptable, quick, and extremely delicious. That’s why we always bring them to our office parks. As we reach our different phases of reopening in some areas we hope that you are able to make some changes for the food trucks to help them get out for lunch!

With the hot weather coming and new safety gloves and masks required that means it's going to be scorching hot. Here are 3 preparations you should make for the return of your food truck events to increase efficiency and reduce exposure!
  1. Encourage your tenants and their employees to utilize online ordering for the food trucks. You can also consider having an order runner, someone that will solely pick up and deliver food safely, or even a food pickup location. This will allow for smooth pick up and less congregation around the trucks. We also suggest that you encourage occupants to eat and spend their lunch break outdoors at various times while complying with social distancing regulations. If you have an online schedule or daily email make sure you add a link to their online ordering!
  2. If you have multiple trucks at your events, make sure you have planned out how the lines will flow, the spacing between the lines compared to the traffic flow from your buildings, and areas where people can spend time outside safely. You can even set up hand sanitizer stations both right inside the building and outside to assure safety.
  3. Make sure that all of your trucks are staying up to date with the new regulations and policies. If you are in North Carolina you can even send them to, so they can receive free training on how they should safely provide food for your property.
Here in North Carolina, places are loosening up restrictions. We are able to enjoy our favorite restaurants again! If you would like help with bringing your trucks back please feel free to reach out!