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Buoy Bowls

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Vendor Type: Food Truck
Cuisine: Organic/Natural
About Buoy Bowls: After a morning surf at Blacks Beach, our owner, Derek, was taken to a local Açaí shop by his best friend and it was there that he discovered the Açaí Bowl- a bowl of frozen purred açaí berries topped with a variety of fresh fruit and honey. It was absolutely love at first bite!
Awards/Honors Received: 2017 WRAL Voter's Choice BEST FOOD TRUCK WINNER!

2017 Cary Living B.O.B Award Winner - Best Food Truck


Andrew Jabbour 11/05/2019
Buoy Bowls is such a delicious food truck! I've bought lunch from them several times in front of the Home Depot in Apex, this was my first time at the park. Will be back for more!
Global Administrator 09/23/2019
Nice and healthy. I feel energized after a bowl. I am not 100% sure what all is in the bowl, but it taste good.