For Property Owners

Five steps to become an active MOBLZ member:

  1. Create an account. Review and agree to the Program Terms and How the Program Works.
  2. Create property profiles via Excel upload. This is the easiest way to create profiles for each property. Use the Excel template [here]. Alternatively, you can manually create each one. For each property, you must indicate whether you will allow mobile service providers and/or food trucks.
  3. Approve vendors. For existing MOBLZ member service providers you will have to approve each individual vendor that would be permissible to provide services on your properties. You will find these these [here]. For each provider, you can review information about their business and type of services offered, liability certificates and business licenses. If these meet with your approval, simply approve them. If there are questions or follow up items that you need from the vendor you can submit questions such questions through the supplied link. Once you are satisfied, you may approve them. From time to time you will receive new request from vendors who have join MOBLZ on a routine basis. You simply follow the procedure above to review and approve them.
  4. Notify vendors already coming to your properties. As noted in the Program Terms [link here] all MOBLZ managed properties are required to use the MOBLZ platform exclusively for mobile vendor management on such properties. This is to optimize the power and benefit of the MOBLZ program for you, the vendors and the consumers. The program will not work unless all mobile service providers and food trucks that come on a property do so via MOBLZ reservations. Therefore, it will be necessary to notify any mobile service provider or food truck who may currently be providing services on your properties that you have become a MOBLZ member property and that they must become a MOBLZ member to continue coming onto your properties. You can find a suggested Vendor Notification Letter under Resources here.
  5. Introduce MOBLZ to Tenant Contacts. A core benefit of the MOBLZ platform is the ability to offer it as an amenity, in addition to getting control of the mobile service and food truck traffic on your properties. Therefore, you will need to introduce MOBLZ to the tenant contacts for each business in your MOBLZ approved properties. With your introduction and support of MOBLZ to these contacts, MOBLZ will then be able to drive awareness and utilization of the program. Please review and download a suggested Tenant Notification Letter.


Beta Coming Soon

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