Free Food Friday

Thanks to everyone who supported their favorite food trucks during our Free Food Friday event. We met and fed a lot of people - see our list of winners. However, the artistic food truck chefs who cook for you still need your help. When you join or login to nominate and review a favorite food truck, you spread the word about exceptional meals, great chefs, and savory trucks. Great foodie art requires exceptional benefactors, so thanks for sharing your story and saving our food trucks. - Patrick for Moblz

Free Food Friday Q&A

How do I share reviews or favorite?

Login, find your favorite truck in our Food Truck Directory, and click on the stars to leave a review or the heart to favorite.


Will my content count even if I don't live in the RTP?

Yes, the content described in How To Qualify for the Next Free Food Friday Drawing will generate ballots for when our free food drawings become available in your area. 

No Bots or Scripts, Please.

Each time we host a contest, we're amazed at the ingenuity of those who want to win by any means necessary. We have bot and script detection algorithms, so please share honest reviews and nominations. Each helps your favorite food trucks and may earn you free food whenever we run Free Food Friday promotions. Scripted or bot entries won't be counted. 

What is MOBLZ?

MOBLZ is an application built to serve three groups - property managers, food truck and mobile services owners, and consumers (people who love food trucks and mobile services). 

What is MOBLZ Privacy Protection?

MOBLZ doesn't rent, share, or sell member information to anyone. It's that simple.

Who created MOBLZ?

WTE Solutions, located in RTP, Noth Carolina, created MOBLZ, thus the reason we're starting Free Food Fridays in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.  

What could I win?

Winners of our weekly free food drawings receive a $25 gift certificate.