Free Food Friday

We're doing our best to disprove the "there's no such thing as a free lunch" cliché. We randomly draw a name and email from our Free Food Friday bowl (actually we use code but drawing names from a bowl sounds like more fun) every Friday to award a $25 gift certificate to buy a meal from your favorite food truck.

See winners announced on our Insta Reels every week!


How To Qualify for Our Next Free Food Friday Drawing

Here's how to get your name and email into our next Free Food Friday drawing:
  • RTP Resident - Currently, Free Food Fridays are only available for adults (age 18+) who live in and around Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We'll update this page, and email members (those who've joined) as Free Food Friday becomes available in other areas.
  • Create a free MOBLZ account - we hate spam reviews, so you'll need to join or login to share reviews, nominations, and favorite food trucks you love to qualify for Free Food Friday.
  • Write Reviews - every food truck review you share earns a ballot in our drawing while helping your favorite food trucks find new fans. 
  • Blog - Each post you write about Free Food Friday or other content on your blog earns a ballot in our weekly drawing.  
  • Nominate - We feature two food trucks at the top of our popular Food Truck & Mobile Services Directory every month. Nominate your favorite food truck, and each nomination earns you a ballot in our Free Food Friday drawing.
  • Favorite - After you login, one of the ways you can help your favorite food trucks is to click the heart on their profile page. Each favorited food truck earns you a ballot in our weekly free food drawing.
  • Follow MOBLZ - follow MOBLZ Instagram, and/or LinkedIn, and/or Facebook
  • Like, Comment, and Share - each time you like, comment, and share (need to do all three) on the MOBLZ Facebok, Instagram and/or LinkedIn accounts, you'll earn a ballot in our next drawing. 
  • Tag Foodie Friends - every time you tag a friend on a MOBLZ social media post about Free Food Friday, you earn another ballot in our drawing.

Free Food Friday Q&A

How will I know who won?

We'll post last week's winner at various places on and on MOBLZ IG. If winners request we not publish their first name, we'll protect their privacy by using screen names and generic locations such as RobRoy, Chapel Hill. 

Why 18+ ?

The eighteen years or older age limit is a legal thing because U.S. law has different requirements for adults than minors. 

Why only RTP Residents?

At this time, Free Food Friday is only available for people who live in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas. However, we plan to include other regions soon. We'll notify people who've created an account as Free Food Friday becomes available in their area. 

What is a "ballot"?

Ballots are entries into our weekly Free Food Friday drawings. Ballots are "earned" by helping your favorite food trucks, mobile service providers, and MOBLZ by contributing content such as reviews and nominations. 

How do I share reviews or favorite?

Login, find your favorite truck in our Food Truck Directory, and click on the stars to leave a review or the heart to favorite.


Will my content count even if I don't live in the RTP?

Yes, the content described in How To Qualify for the Next Free Food Friday Drawing will generate ballots for when our free food drawings become available in your area. 

What are my chances of winning free food?

As outlined in How To Qualify, Each contribution increases your chances of winning free food, but determining the odds is difficult because Free Food Friday is new. We'll update this question once we've had enough time that our quants (our math geeks) can model the odds of winning. 

How often can I win?

To be fair to all contributors and because our free food drawings are so, new participants can win four times a year (once every three months). How often you can win may change as we gain experience and our quants model odds of winning. 

No Bots or Scripts, Please.

Each time we host a contest, we're amazed at the ingenuity of those who want to win by any means necessary. We have bot and script detection algorithms, so please share honest reviews and nominations as each content described in How To Qualify helps your favorite food trucks and may earn you free food. Scripted or bot entries won't be counted. 

What is MOBLZ?

MOBLZ is an application built to serve three groups - property managers, food truck and mobile services owners, and consumers (people who love food trucks and mobile services). 

What is MOBLZ Privacy Protection?

MOBLZ doesn't rent, share, or sell member information to anyone. It's that simple.

Who created MOBLZ?

WTE Solutions, located in RTP, Noth Carolina, created MOBLZ, thus the reason we're starting Free Food Fridays in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.  

What could I win?

Winners of our weekly free food drawings receive a $25 gift certificate.