Operations Manager

This position will own all aspects of our MOBLZ technology platform. This product segment provides automated solutions for property management companies, as a time and cost saving solution for for clients with large office park properties and limited human resources. This role is hands-on operations management and marketing, with a strong event planning element.

Some of the things you’ll be doing include …

  • Managing strategic planning for business segment operations and growth.
  • Overseeing business vendor partners to coordinate and execute scheduled events on office park properties and ensure vendor compliance with property management requirements.
  • Scheduling and coordinating with vendors to establish food truck calendars, special event projects, and appointment settings at all property locations.
  • Coordinating new market launch plans and new client implementations.
  • Managing urgent requests for events and facilities changes.
  • Coordinating a diverse team of employees, clients and vendors, often with conflicting interests.
  • Creating and improving on processes for associated programs by collaborating with clients, vendors and consumers.
  • Defining and implementing new technology functionality with our support and development teams.
Key Requirements:
  • Amazing Organization - inherently organized person that loves lists, tasks and deadlines.
  • Experienced - 5+ years leadership experience; large event planning or business focus background experience preferred.
  • Excellent Communication - able to communicate and collaborate as part of a team to identify, and lead a team to success; comfortable making presentations to management, prospective clients, and vendors.
  • Go-Getter - willing to go the extra mile with a strong work ethic; self-directed and resourceful.
  • Performer - consistent achievement of goals with demonstrated follow-through.


This full-time position is based near Chapel Hill, North Carolina but may require travel to other regions.
To apply: send resume, cover letter and website portfolio to >jobs [[@]] wte.net

No placement agencies, head hunters, marketing companies, design companies, development companies, contractors, or out-of-state or off-shore applicants, please. Those submissions will not be considered.