About Moblz

MOBLZ invented the Mobile Vendor Relationship Management (MVRM) platform. We work with Property Management Companies (PMCs) and Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) to manage and optimize the growing mobile services trend for the benefit of the building's management, their tenants, building occupants and the service providers.

We believe MOBLZ creates a win-win-win for Property Management Companies (PMCs), (Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) and customers, with each benefiting from the ability to find each other, and to properly manage the relationships and needs amongst them.

Simply put we do three things:

  1. Help building owners/managers manage the liability and activity of mobile service vendors on their property while creating an amenity for their tenants.
  2. Help mobile vendors manage their relationship with commercial properties and customers in order to grow their businesses.
  3. Help working people find mobile services that will come to their workplace to address service needs.

Investors: MOBLZ is a privately held company based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.